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I'm Adam Bambury, a relational body-oriented psychotherapist based in south east London. I work both online and in person. 

If you're looking for a therapist you may have the sense that something needs to shift or to be acknowledged and worked with more deeply.


I aim to meet people in their uniqueness in the safe and confidential container of the therapy space to help this process unfold.​

My practice

My work emerges from the tradition of body psychotherapy, also known as somatic psychology. This means engaging with people in their wholeness - body, mind and spirit. It utilises the ancient insight, backed up by contemporary neuroscience research, that mind and body are deeply interlinked. Put simply, that how we feel in our embodiment influences what we think, and vice versa.

My practice is inspired by the flame as a potent image of healing, renewal and transformation, and the liberating warmth of authentic connection. 

Find out more 

I work in-person in south-east London and online via Zoom. If you'd like to have an initial discussion about working together, please get in touch, or find out more on this website about me and about how I work