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About me: Adam Bambury

I'm a fully accredited member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and have trained to its membership standards. I’m also a member of the Body Psychotherapy Network, and was on its steering group for several years. 


After gaining a foundation certificate in integrative counselling (Minster Centre) my core training took place over six years. This encompassed relational body psychotherapy (Integrative Mind-Body Therapy Training), psychotherapeutic deep bodywork (Entelia Institute) and body listening (Brighton School for Embodied Therapy). 


I subsequently broadened and developed my practice in supervision and workshops with Nick Totton (Embodied Relational Therapy), including a training in Reichian breath work.


In December 2023 I completed the first two-year Depth Relational Process training offered by the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy (IPT), resulting in a diploma in psychedelic-assisted therapy. 


I have long experience of working with meditation and practices from wisdom traditions, including spiritual and shamanic approaches. I'd characterise my approach to these areas as being grounded, sensitive and open-minded. It's something I can, but don't have to, work with in sessions - and only if it feels right for the client.


I’ve spoken at conferences hosted by the EABP and IPT, and also at Breaking Convention in 2019. I’ve also written for the EABP journal. 


Before becoming a therapist I worked on digital and print content in music, broadcasting and the charity sector. I have a BSc degree in Human Sciences (University of Nottingham) that focused on psychology and philosophy. 

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