About me


I'm a fully accredited member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy and have trained to its membership standards. I've also contributed articles to its journal.

I'm a member of the Body Psychotherapy Network, and am on its steering group. 

I'm a member of the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy. I offer psychedelic/spiritual integration sessions to help ground, honour and integrate these experiences and work with whatever they may have brought to your awareness. Please note I do not offer psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions.

How I got here 

After gaining a foundation certificate in integrative counselling (Minster Centre) my original training took place over 5 years and was in relational body psychotherapy (Integrative Mind-Body Therapy Training) and psychotherapeutic deep bodywork (Entelia Institute). 

Since then my practice has continued to evolve over the years, and I am in regular one-to-one supervision (Nick Totton). 

I have long experience of working with meditation and practices from wisdom traditions including a two-year advanced training in shamanic and spiritual work (Mary Shutan). 

I have a BSc degree in Human Sciences (University of Nottingham) that focused on psychology and philosophy. 

Before becoming a therapist I worked in journalism and communications in music, broadcasting and the charity sector.

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Adam Bambury